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Aboveground Pool Closing Instructions

  1. Balance pH and alkalinity levels within 1 week of pool closing.
  2. Remove floating debris with leaf net. Vacuum pool thoroughly. Backwash and rinse sand filter. The better you leave the pool, the better you will find it. The later in the season the pool is winterized, the less chance alga will form, as the water is colder.
  3. Add shock, algaecide, and winterizer into the pool and let it circulate for several hours. Winterizer is a clarifier and anti-staining product.
    1. If on municipal water, lower water level below skimmer and return. Remove the return eye, but do not put a plug in the return! You do not have to use a device to block the skimmer, but it is recommended.
    2. If on a well, water is very precious, and it is preferred to leave the pool full for the winter so you do not have to get water delivered in the spring. Remove the return eye and install a threaded winter plug. When using a plug, it is crucial to block the water from entering the skimmer with a device. The device can be a foam skimmer plug, stainless steel winter plate, or aquador. See note at the bottom describing the differences with these products to determine what is best for you. Never plug the hole in the bottom of the skimmer.
  4. Gently brush the walls and floor to remove residue/film.
  5. Remove the skimmer basket.
  6. Remove all pool hoses.
  7. Remove pressure gauge and store inside pump basket.
    1. If a sand filter, remove drain plug (store inside pump basket), put in winter position (if no winter position, leave halfway between 2 other settings) and leave outside.
    2. If a cartridge filter, remove drain plug (store inside pump basket), remove filter cartridge and give it a thorough cleaning. The filter cartridge can go inside, but the actual cartridge filter stays outside.
    3. If a DE filter, remove drain plug (store inside pump basket), thorough clean inside / fingers.
      *if standing water is left inside any filter, it will crack the housing!
  8. Remove drain plug from pump, put inside pump basket, and bring pump inside.
  9. Inflate air pillow(s) 50% full and put toward center of pool. When placed under your winter cover, it is designed to relieve from the stress of ice expansion during winter and divert the build-up of rain / snow on your winter cover toward the outside for easier removal.
  10. Lay winter cover over the pool water. The cover is designed to lie on top of the water surface and hug the side wall of the pool. Do not make the cover taut! It is not designed to hold weight. If necessary, run 1” of water over the cover to hold down as you secure it around the outside of the pool with the cable and winch. Be sure the cable is not wrapped around the skimmer.
  11. Siphoning water and/or blowing snow off the cover will help the longevity of the pool and cover.
  12. Skimmer foam plug – No tools are required, simply press the Skimmer Plug flush all the way in against your existing skimmer faceplate to close off. Ensure you have model for your skimmer; it is noted on the back of the unit.
  13. Aquador – Remove the faceplate of the skimmer and replace it with the Aquador faceplate. This is a one-time switch. Going forward, you simply snap the lid on and off like Tupperware. The lid will not fit a standard skimmer face plate.
  14. Stainless steel winter plate – most tedious, but also the strongest. Remove skimmer screws, line up steel plates, and reinstall the screws. After a few years, you may have to replace skimmer screws if they become stripped.

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