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Eco Spa Hot Tubs bring you the most durable and energy-efficient spa experience

Eco Spa Hot Tubs are the most durable, energy-efficient spa in its class. They’re made from the highest quality rotationally molded products on the planet and come with a lifetime structural warranty. Say goodbye to polishing, sanding, and staining, and start enjoying all your favorite activities without worrying about your hot tub!

You can enjoy spending time with friends or family while relaxing in its comfortable seats that allow you to sit up straight instead of laying down like other spas. The hardcovers are not only more efficient but also lightweight and easy to use! Plus, they never need replacing so you won’t have to worry about spending endless amounts of money on foam again!

Why Choose Eco Spa Hot Tubs?

  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • No more polishing or sanding! Easy to care for and it looks great too!
  • Say goodbye to costly replacement covers & spend less time maintaining your hot tub.

Eco Spa Models

Eco Spas are the original hard cover spas and they’re built to last. They also come with their killer lifetime warranty, so you can relax knowing your investment is protected. Plus, these covers are mold resistant and insulated, making prepping, and shutting down your spa a breeze. And if that wasn’t enough already, each of the Eco Spa models is designed to be as easy to use as possible – simply order it, fill it up, and plug it in!

E1 Description

  • Seating: 4
  • Size: 72” L X 60” W X 30” H
  • Gallons: 210
  • Weight: 360 LBS.
  • Jets: 12

E2 Description

  • Seating: 2
  • Size: 76” L X 46” W X 33” H
  • Gallons: 190
  • Weight: 350 LBS.
  • Jets: 21

E3 Description

  • Seating: 3
  • Size: 77” L X 60” W X 33” H
  • Gallons: 230
  • Weight: 470 LBS.
  • Jets: 23

E4 Description

  • Seating: 4
  • Size: 77” L X 60” W X 33” H
  • Gallons: 280
  • Weight: 475 LBS.
  • Jets: 21

E5 Description

  • Seating: 2
  • Size: 77” L X 60” W X 33” H
  • Gallons: 240
  • Weight: 475 LBS.
  • Jets: 23

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