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Aboveground Pool Opening Instructions

  1. Re-install all pump plugs, filter plug, sight glass (sand filter)
    Hint: wrap each with Teflon tape to prevent leaks
  2. Re-attach pump to the base. Re-attach hose between pump and filter. Re-attach hose between pump and skimmer. Re-attach hose between filter and return.
  3. Make sure strainer cover (pump lid) is clean, gasket is clean and track is clean
    Always Turn Pump Off Prior To Moving Valves
  4. Move filter valve to filter (sand filter)
  5. Put garden hose under the cover
  6. Pump/siphon off cover as you continue to fill pool underneath
    Hint: 1-2 gallons of chlorine shock poured around the pool on top of cover 1-2 days prior to opening makes cleaning the cover much easier.
  7. Use a leaf rake and wall brush to get leaves and debris off the cover while you pump/siphon water off.
    Hint: as water is taken off the cover, pull the cover taught on top. This will make it easier to get water and debris off the cover.
  8. The easiest place to clean the cover is on the pool. Try to clean it before you remove it.
  9. Fold and roll up and store the cover once dry away from any animal activity.
  10. Remove plugs from pool interior (if present) and return eyeball and skimmer basket.
  11. Fill pool water till water level ½-3/4 up the skimmer faceplate.
  12. Test water and balance ph. Add chlorine or Baquacil per instructions.
  13. Vacuum the pool.
  14. Back wash (sand) filter or regenerate (D.E.) filter or clean cartridge filter.
  15. Replace the ladder.
  16. Allow pump to run continuously for 48-72 hours then cut back to normal operation.
  17. Test the pool water weekly.

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