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Feeling Spa

The layout of the Feeling follows a traditional pattern with added versatility. You can relax in either of the two opposing lounge chairs or you can stretch your legs out and lay back in the full length lounge chair. The lounge chair also enables you to swing your legs around, sit up and enjoy a family conversation. The Feeling also contains a step in / cool down seat for easier and safer entering and exiting to and from the spa. This step also doubles as a cool down seat. If total emersion in the water makes you feel a bit overheated, sit on the cool down seat and enjoy the hot water comfort under your terms.

Number of Jets

24 jets


Dark Gray

Cover Color

Dark Charcoal

4-5 seats

24 jets

82” x 72” x 35”

1000 liters

L.E.D. multicolor lights

1 bed / lounge

L.E.D. waterfall

120V connection convertible to 240V

M7 1kw / 4kw water heater

Total weight with water: 2610 lbs

1 available color

A “true” Cash & Carry portable spa

Your Feeling is light enough to be lifted by 2-4 people and it can be transported on a small trailer or in the back of a full-sized pick-up truck. Goodbye delivery fees. Your Feeling also includes a short, Quick Start-Up Guide that makes place it, fill it, and plug it in as easy as 1-2-3. Goodbye set up fees. And remember, you have full factory support.

No hassle installation

  • No site preparation.
  • Sits on any solid and level surface.
  • Our spas are freestanding and made of one solid piece (monocoque). This explains why you don’t have any complicated preparation to do before installation.

Plug & play

  • No electrician required for 120v installation.
  • 100% convertible to 240v if needed (by an electrician).
  • Plugs directly into the wall.

Polyethylene construction

We chose the best material for the structure for our spas: virtually indestructible and lightweight, polyethylene doesn’t retain bacteria and prevents its development.

  • Totally sealed and protected bottom
  • One-piece spa (monocoque)
  • Easy-care material

Valve de contrôle d’air

An on/off air control button enables you to easily set your jet action. You can enjoy your massage with or without an air mix. It also makes it simple to stop the air before you replace your cover.

Waterfall serenity

  • Adjustable cascading waterfall with multicolor L.E.D. backlighting.
  • Overflow with integrated coasters.
  • Includes a control valve that lets you adjust the waterfall flow in order to have the power that suits your level of relaxation.

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