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5 Accessories To Make Your Hot Tub Even More Relaxing

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A woman enjoys a hot tub at sunset from Cannon Pools in Central New York.

If you’ve already invested in a spa, you know how physically and mentally calming it can be. But small changes can really upgrade your spa area and make it even more peaceful. Below, the team at Cannon Pools and Spas has highlighted some of the useful products and accessories that can decrease the amount of time you’ll spend maintaining your hot tub, and enhance the relaxation you’ll feel during your next soak.

1. A Low-Maintenance Water Care System

A hot tub should melt away your stress, not give you another chore. With the Frog @ease Hot Tub Water Care System, you can enjoy clean and clear water with significantly less chlorine than other systems. This user-friendly cartridge system uses SmartChlor Technology to maintain a consistent, low chlorine level, so it’s gentle on your skin and swimsuits. When the cartridge is empty, the system will flip over, giving you a clear visual reminder to replace the cartridge. The cartridge lasts up to four weeks and can be recycled. The self-regulating system eliminates the need for daily maintenance and keeps chemical levels from fluctuating – you’ll only need to shock your hot tub with chlorine once a month.

2. Spa Towels (And A Towel Warmer)

An easy, cost-effective way to upgrade your spa experience is with a new set of towels. Choose a bath sheet size towel to keep you warm and dry once you step out of your hot tub. You can also opt for bleach-proof towels that won’t fade or discolor over time. If you want to create a truly luxurious experience for your family and guests, add a towel warmer to your spa area. Warm and fluffy towels will cut right through the chill of stepping out of your hot tub. Or if you don’t want to spring for this upgrade, a simple towel holder or rack keeps towels easily accessible once you’ve finished soaking.

3. A Spa Vacuum

Even when you’re diligent about keeping your spa covered when it’s not in use, dirt and debris can still sneak in. Luckily, you can keep your hot tub clean and your water looking clear with an easy-to-use spa vacuum. Spa vacuums are cordless, handheld, and simple to operate. Most provide at least 40 minutes of run time, so you can easily clean your entire hot tub interior before you need to recharge the vacuum. Two great options are:

  • Water Tech Volt Spa Vac
  • Water Tech Volt FX-4L

Both of these handheld vacuums come with a two-year limited warranty and are fully rechargeable within four hours.

4. A Privacy Screen

Want to block your hot tub or spa from your neighbor’s view? A privacy screen is a low-cost, DIY option for enclosing your spa area. Available for purchase online and at big-box retailers, privacy screens are a great solution if your outdoor space isn’t fenced in. They can also help create a divider between your hot tub and other zones in your backyard, like a swing set or a grill area. With a variety of materials and finishes, you can choose a screen or divider that fits your aesthetic.

5. An Attachable Tray

Once you’ve added a tray to your hot tub, you’ll realize just how convenient it is. A spa tray easily clips onto the side of your hot tub, allowing you to keep drinks, snacks, or your cell phone handy in case you need it. The heated water in a spa can make you and your guests dehydrated, so it’s helpful to have a handy spot for water or other beverages. A tray is also a great place to keep a waterproof Bluetooth speaker nearby, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes without having to get in and out of the spa to adjust the music.

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