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Make Caring for Your Hot Tub Easy

A backyard hot tub looks clean and inviting thanks to simplified care with Cannon Pools in Central New York.

There’s nothing quite like savoring the warmth in your spa and relaxing into a hydrotherapy massage. Hot tubs require regular maintenance to help you enjoy these experiences to the fullest, but we’d all rather spend our time soaking. Thanks to the FROG sanitization system, now available for Central New York hot tub owners through Cannon Pools and Spas, spa care is easier than ever before. Soft minerals take the place of chlorine, delivering clean, sparkling water you’ll love to lounge in.

Cleaner, Clearer Water

The innovative FROG sanitation system utilizes a combination of two bacteria-killing methods. First, a low level of chlorine eliminates most germs. The chlorine level is kept low by the self-regulating SmartChlor® system. Then, a carefully balanced formula of minerals steps in to finish the job. These minerals keep the water clean while requiring 75% less chlorine. Not only that, you will only need to shock monthly to ensure the best water cleanliness and clarity. And the oxidizing shock is a non-chlorine product.

This two-way method keeps water cleaner than systems that rely solely on chlorine. At the same time, minerals also keep the hot tub’s pH balanced, avoiding algae problems while making sure the water is clear and inviting.

Easy Maintenance

Some homeowners are very comfortable with the chemicals required to maintain a hot tub, while others depend on regular service visits from their spa and pool care provider. For those seeking an easier solution, the FROG cartridge delivery system provides an excellent alternative. There are no chemicals to mix or harsh substances, so it’s ideal for those who are new to hot tub care.

All FROG cartridges come pre-filled with the precise balance of minerals needed to keep your hot tub water clean and clear. Installation is easy with no spills or measuring. Our team will help you find the right FROG options for your spa, explain how to use the system to achieve the best results, and that’s it – you’re ready to maintain crystalline water.

Cut Back on Chemicals

FROG products don’t just keep your hot tub cleaner with less effort. They also don’t rely solely on chlorine or bromine to do so. Instead, they infuse your water with germ-killing minerals that are healthier and less damaging than the traditional options. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a low chlorine spa, including:

  • Healthier skin and hair: Soak in mineral water to avoid dry skin, red eyes, brittle hair, allergies, and other issues that are commonly associated with chlorine.
  • Longer-lasting accessories: Mineral water is also far less damaging to your swimsuits, towels, accessories, equipment, and even the hot tub itself.
  • Less frequent water adjustment: This system is designed for monthly maintenance, not daily or weekly.

Perhaps best of all is the incredible feel of the water. Unlike chlorinate-only water, mineral water is soft and silky on your skin. It’s an overall more relaxing and enjoyable experience every time you take a dip.

Try FROG Today

Maintaining your hot tub doesn’t have to be a hassle. Instead, simplify your hot tub care routine with the FROG sanitization system. For more information about spa care and chlorine alternatives, contact Cannon Pools and Spas today. Our friendly, experienced team is standing by at locations in North Syracuse, Auburn, Oneida, Fulton, and Cortland to answer your questions and help you find the right hot tub products for your needs.