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Happy Earth Day: 3 Ways Pool Owners Can Conserve Water

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Cannon Pools celebrates Earth Day in Central New York with tips for how pool and spa owners can conserve water.

A backyard pool is a great investment: you can turn your backyard into a staycation spot where you’ll have fun and make endless family memories. But if you’re conservation-minded, you may be worried about the amount of water that a pool requires. Fortunately, owners of in-ground and above-ground pools can take steps to reduce the amount of water they use. Below, Cannon Pools and Spas provides a few tips on how pool owners can be good environmental stewards while still enjoying their swimming pool.

1. Use A Solar Cover

One of the easiest ways to save water is by installing a solar cover on your swimming pool. An uncovered pool evaporates faster, meaning you’ll need more water to maintain the correct level. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a cover can prevent up to 95% of pool water evaporation. Covering your pool also protects it from sticks, leaves, and other debris that can dirty your pool water and clog the filter.

An added benefit of using a solar cover is that you’ll save on energy costs. A solar cover helps maintain your pool’s temperature, making it more comfortable for swimming throughout the season. You’ll spend less time heating the pool, keeping it clean, and refilling it.

These covers often come with a mounted, hand-crank reel system so you can easily uncover the pool when you’re ready to swim. Solar covers are available for purchase at all Cannon Pools and Spas locations in Central New York, as well as similar products like Secur-A-Pool mesh safety covers.

2. Keep Your Pool Clean And Manage Chemical Levels

A clean pool minimizes the need for backwashing and filtration system maintenance. Keep your pool covered when it is not in use, and use a skimmer net to remove larger debris. To keep dirt from accumulating at the bottom of your pool, you can also use a robotic pool cleaner. With user-friendly options for both in-ground and above-ground pools, a robotic vacuum will trap dirt, sand, and particulates so that they don’t end up in your pool’s filter.

You should also inspect your pool regularly for damage to the lining, which can lead to leaks and wastewater, and call on a service professional if you need to replace it. Additionally, make sure you’re maintaining the right chemical levels. Whether you use chlorine tablets or a chlorine alternative like the BAQUACIL system, or you have a saltwater pool, make sure you’re testing your water regularly and using a trusted supplier for pool care chemicals. That way, you won’t need to drain and refill your pool as frequently.

3. Use A Cartridge Filter To Reduce Maintenance

Many swimming pools have a filter that uses sand or diatomaceous earth. The process of backwashing flushes contaminants out of the filter, which extends the life of the filtration system and prevents the owner from having to clean the filter manually. However, the backwash process wastes a lot of water, so you should only backwash when necessary.

Alternately, a cartridge filter doesn’t require backwashing, meaning you’re able to conserve much more water. You can easily remove particulates by simply removing the cartridge and rinsing it off with a garden hose. Some filtration systems can accommodate an oversized cartridge filter, which requires less frequent cleanings. Utilizing a cartridge filter can save you hundreds of gallons each year, so it’s good for both the environment and your water bill.

Save Water With Equipment From Cannon Pools And Spas

Do you need to upgrade your pool equipment to help you save more water? Cannon Pools and Spas will help you select the right solar cover or cartridge filter for your swimming pool. In addition, our stores offer:

  • AquaCal swimming pool heat pumps
  • Hot tub water care systems
  • Pool safety alarms
  • Robotic pool cleaners
  • Salt chlorine generators

Cannon Pools and Spas has been serving homeowners in CNY and the surrounding area since 1970. With convenient locations in Auburn, Cortland, Fulton, North Syracuse, and Oneida, our team can help you find exactly what you need to care for your pool and conserve water responsibly. For more information about our products and services, contact our team today.