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How Much Does A New Hot Tub Cost?

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Cannon Pools and Spas can help you plan for the costs to install a new hot tub in Central New York.

A hot tub is an investment you can use for years to come – whether you’re melting away muscle tension or having a few friends over to enjoy a soak. While a spa can be more affordable than you may expect, you’ll want to budget for both upfront installation costs and ongoing maintenance. Here, Cannon Pools and Spas outlines some of the factors you should consider. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in your new spa.

Budgeting For A Hot Tub

There are many ways you can customize your hot tub to suit your wants and needs. Depending on the size and style of spa you desire, as well as where you want to install it, your expenses can range between $5,000 and $20,000. Consider the following:


Your first big decision: do you want an indoor or an outdoor hot tub? Installing a hot tub in your home, such as in an enclosed sun porch, can allow you to use it year-round. But you may need to do some renovations, such as enhancing ventilation to prevent mold and mildew or adding floor supports to handle the additional weight of a spa. Outdoor site preparation can be simple – in some cases, you’ll just need to put down gravel or a concrete pad. But if your lawn is sloped, you’ll need additional site prep. Some homeowners want to install a hot tub on their deck, which may also require reinforcement. Depending on the scale of your project, these costs can vary from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand.


Running your hot tub will cause a small bump in your utility bills, so you should factor this ongoing cost into your budget. On average, you can expect an above-ground hot tub to incur a monthly electricity cost of about $20.

You may also have an upfront cost of a few hundred dollars if you need to upgrade your indoor or outdoor space with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. This is a critical safety measure near running water – it will automatically shut off the electricity if a ground fault occurs. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should test GFCI outlets monthly to protect yourself and your family from electric shock.


Above-ground hot tubs start around $5,000 and go up in price as the number of seats, jets, and features increases. Hot tub styles and construction vary by brand. A few of the leading spa manufacturers include:

  • Eco Spas: These hardcover hot tubs are energy-efficient, made from eco-friendly, high-quality materials, and come with a lifetime structural warranty.
  • Innova Spas: This line offers plug-and-play spas that are portable and simple to operate. They’re a great option for the cost-conscious homeowner.
  • Saratoga Spas: These hot tubs are made right here in Upstate New York, rooted in a tradition of hydrotherapy.

If you’re just getting a hot tub for personal use, you can choose a smaller model with just two or three seats. But if you want to use your spa to entertain, you’ll want a model with additional jets and seating for five or more. Of course, a qualified service professional can help you understand the benefits of each brand and narrow down what you’re looking for.


Hot tub maintenance costs can vary, but plan to spend a few hundred dollars each year on sanitizing chemicals and test strips to monitor the water levels. To keep the filtration system running smoothly, you’ll need to change your filter once a year, which can cost around $50.

You’ll need to drain and refill your hot tub every three months, but you shouldn’t see a significant jump in your water bill – the water usage only adds up to an extra few dollars each year. To keep your water clean between refills, you may want to invest in a spa vacuum that can easily remove dirt and debris. Prices differ by brand and model, but you should expect to spend between $50 and $100 for a spa vacuum.

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