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How Much is a New Aboveground Pool?

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So you’ve decided to beat the heat with an aboveground pool from Cannon Pools and Spas. Aboveground pools are a great choice because they’re quick to install and they’re affordable, too. But how much exactly is it going to cost? In this blog post, we break down everything that goes into the process.

Aboveground Pool Costs
On average, an aboveground pool is expected to cost several thousand dollars. It ultimately depends on which type of pool you choose and what size, depth and shape you want. Cannon Pools and Spas offers a large selection from Backyard Leisure and Aqua Leader, ranging in size from 12’ to 33’, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The shape also matters, as oval aboveground pools tend to cost more than round ones.
You’ll also want to factor in the cost of professional installation, which may be another one to two thousand dollars. Our team is highly experienced and installs hundreds of aboveground pools every summer. We know how to do it right and do it fast. We can prepare the land and assemble the plates, rails, base, liner, walls, supports and other elements in as little as one day.

Additional Costs
Want to enhance your pool even more? Consider adding a Happy Bottom. After we lay down the sand floor, we put a thick foam pad over it to help protect the liner and increase its longevity. The Happy Bottom also makes the bottom of the pool more comfortable to walk on.

Other add-ons might include lighting, heat pumps, covers and decking. Your insurance will most likely require some sort of fencing as well. Even when not required, fencing is a smart choice, as it helps keep out intruders and protects little ones from getting near the pool when unsupervised. You should also consider lifetime maintenance costs. Aboveground pools require regular maintenance to make sure they last many years into the future.

Let’s Talk About Your Options
If you’re interested in getting an aboveground pool, browse the options on our website and then give us a call or stop into the Cannon Pools and Spas location nearest you. We’ll be happy to get you set up with a brand-new pool just in time for summer. Questions? Contact us online now.