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How to Budget for a New Inground Pool

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An inground pool is a major home renovation project with a lot of moving parts. Because of that, no two pools ever cost the same and the price can vary significantly. As you start making preparations to install one in your backyard, here are some things you might forget to factor into your budget aside from the cost of the pool itself. Have questions? Just call your local Cannon Pools and Spas to speak with a representative.

1. Pre-Pool Costs
Before construction can start, there may be some additional costs related to purchasing a building permit, rerouting the septic system and upgrading the electrical box. The elevation and type of soil you have can also affect the price. And as you finalize the details for your pool, consider how the size, shape and depth might play into your budget, as well. The more excavating and materials that are required, the more you can expect to pay.

2. Lighting
Do you want standard underwater flush-mount LED lights? Garden lighting around the pool? How about lights with color-changing effects? While lighting is not a necessity, it can help you get the most use of your pool both day and night. If you decide on underwater lighting, it’s best to have that installed during the construction process.

3. Security
Perimeter fencing, safety covers and alarms can be great ways to protect your family and deter strangers from going for a dip. Even though these features aren’t directly tied to the cost of the pool, they do play an important role in your overall budget.

4. Hardscaping
If you’re hoping to turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis or relaxing resort, consider the cost of landscaping and hardscaping. You may want to add concrete or pavers around the pool as well as greenery. Waterfalls and rock formations can also be great additions and allow you to create the picturesque scenery you were envisioning.

5. Custom Pool Features
If you want to add a diving board, waterslide or other features, make sure you factor those into your budget planning. Have a unique request in mind? Just let the team at Cannon Pools and Spas know, and we’ll make it happen.

Make Your Plans a Reality
Cannon Pools and Spas is happy to work within your budget and help you get the best pool for the best price. That’s why we offer a free yard survey and financing help. Contact your local store for more information about installing an inground pool in your home.