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Spas on display at Cannon Pools showroom in North Syracuse, NY

When investing in a new spa, the manufacturer matters. Quality craftsmanship will ensure long-lasting enjoyment, and the right selection of features helps deliver the experience you expect. At Cannon Pools and Spas, we’re committed to bringing the best spas available to Central New York homeowners with a diverse selection from the most trusted brands. Here, we’ll take a closer look at our three newest spa manufacturers to help you find a spa you’ll love.

Quality Local Manufacturing with Saratoga Spas

Saratoga Springs, NY, has been a center of relaxation, recreation, and hydrotherapy since the 17th century. People gathered there to bathe in the soothing warmth of the area’s natural springs. Rich with minerals, these springs were said to encourage healing. Saratoga Spas continues that tradition by making it available in your own home through its spa lines, which include:

  • Cottage: These models offer excellent value at an affordable price, making them among Saratoga Spa’s most popular choices for shoppers on a budget.
  • Special Edition: Customers looking for a good balance between size, special features, and price will love this line, which is constantly updated with new designs.
  • Luxury: The ultimate in hydrotherapy, Luxury spas offer state-of-the-art features and conveniences in a range of sizes and styles.

With over 45 years of service, you can trust Saratoga Spas to deliver a top-quality design and jet innovation. There are multiple insulation options such as thermal bond and full foam, paired with a dedicated circulation pump, the energy efficiency and R value are at the pinnacle of the industry. Made in upstate New York for upstate New York.

Environment-Simple, durable, and reliable.

Customers who value durability will love soaking in an EcoSpa model. The original hard cover spa brand takes pride in producing some of the cleanest, most efficient tubs to be found on the market. EcoSpa lines are remarkably simple to install and offer a range of exciting benefits and features, including:

  • Ecobatt insulation: With five times more insulation than competing brands, an EcoSpa offers enhanced heat retention to help you save energy, improve your environmental footprint and cut costs.
  • Ecozone filtration: Each tub comes with an ozone purification system to keep your water clean, clear, and odorless with minimal chemical sanitation and two filter cartridges.
  • Lifetime limited warranty: Both the cover and structure of your spa are covered by a lifetime limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about expensive replacements or repairs.
  • Plug and play: The spa is setup for a 110V with a 12’ cord attached, or can be converted to 220V for faster heat recovery.

EcoSpa also offers a broad selection of accessories to make the most of your experience. Enhance your tub with LED lighting, stylish chrome jets, a convenient storage step, or even Wi-Fi control to customize settings anywhere.

Embracing Innovation with InnovaSpa

Effortless enjoyment is always a top priority with InnovaSpa. The brand’s light, transportable models are designed for ease of use, eliminating installation hassles and the risk of challenges down the road. Each spa is a single, free-standing unit. Just fill the tub, plug it in, and you’re ready to relax. The tough, long-lasting shell is virtually indestructible and easy to maintain no matter where you place it.

InnovaSpa models are also incredibly convenient, efficient, and stylish. Innovative manufacturing ensures low maintenance needs. Additionally, the Innovaflow system maintains a comfortable temperature while the heater runs less frequently. Owners save time and money while enjoying all the benefits of a soothing spa.

Explore Our Spa Brands Today

Choosing the right spa will make your home a relaxing oasis for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to work with a local spa installer who understands your goals and budget, and then can recommend the best spa brands and models to meet them. With locations in North Syracuse, Cortland, Oneida, Auburn, and Fulton, NY, Cannon Pools and Spas is CNY’s leading spa expert. Get in touch to learn more about spas from Saratoga Spas, EcoSpa, InnovaSpa and other top brands to begin enjoying the comfort and luxury of an at-home spa today.