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Pool Lighting for Every Pool

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A lagoon pool with a spillover spa is beautifully lit at sunset, installed by Cannon Pools, Central New York’s largest pool and spa company.

After spending a day by the pool, you’re probably reluctant to go inside. Evening has always meant an end to swimming, lounging, and having fun – but it doesn’t have to. Cannon Pools and Spas can extend your summertime fun into the nighttime hours with lighting options that give you more time poolside. With the right lighting, you can create a welcoming atmosphere and luxurious ambiance that family and friends alike will love. From your brand-new pool to an existing aboveground or inground pool, here’s how our team can illuminate your poolside evenings.

The Benefits of Pool Lighting

Pool lighting is often overlooked by homeowners, but it offers many benefits that increase enjoyment in your investment. Our customers often find lighting helps them love their swimming and outdoor entertaining areas even more for all of the following reasons:

  • Extended use: Our schedules don’t always make daytime swimming convenient. With pool lights, you can take a post-work dip, entertain at a nighttime pool party, and get more from your swimming pool investment.
  • Safety: It’s all too easy to miss a step, slip on splashed water, or trip over a toy left at the side of the pool in the dark. Adding lights to your pool can help prevent injuries and accidents, giving you peace of mind.
  • Ambiance: With a range of options including dynamic color-changing and multiple brightness levels, you can transform your backyard into an oasis of mood-enhancing color. Whether grilling dinner, reading on your porch, or swimming, the pool lighting will help create the right ambiance for the moment.

Lighting Options for Every Pool

No matter what type of pool you have or when it was installed, it’s possible to make it safer and more inviting with lighting. Cannon Pools and Spas has helped countless homeowners illuminate new and existing pools, as well as aboveground and inground models.

New Inground Pools

If you’re planning the installation of a new inground pool, this is the perfect time to consider lighting. Rather than the traditional single, center deep end light, Cannon Pools and Spas uses multiple 1.5” SR Smith LED lights. These are energy efficient, color changing, and can be controlled via remote. Multiple lights provide more even light distribution and less dark spots. We strategically place the lights on the house-side so when viewing the pool from inside or on the patio, the homeowner sees the beautiful effect of the lighting and is not staring into a bulb.

Existing Inground Pools

If your pool has already been installed, don’t worry. Lighting can easily be added. We provide several options that don’t require integration with your existing pool. You can also renovate your pool to include new inset lights. If your pool already has lighting, we’ll help you transform it with an LED color-changing bulb or a retrofit new LED light by Amoray. Amoray lights are salt-water friendly, can be controlled via remote, and have multiple colors/shows.

Aboveground Pools

Pool lights aren’t only for inground pools. There are also several options for lighting up your aboveground pool. Main Access Smartlites are easy to install in your step or mount on the return jet. They are a color-changing LED that recharges on a docking station. Solar lighting by GAME and Innovaplas utilize energy from the sun, so there are no cords or batteries, and can float or mount to your top rail. Flow lights by GAME mount to the return jet, using hydropower to move a turbine and generate beautiful lighting.

Find Pool Lighting Solutions for Central New York

There’s nothing better than a refreshing night swim to end the day. With pool lights from Cannon Pools and Spas, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool at any hour while enhancing safety and visual appeal. Contact us to learn more about pool illumination for aboveground and inground pools and options for new and existing installations. To speak with a representative about pool lights and other products in person, visit one of our locations in North Syracuse, Oneida, Auburn, Fulton, or Cortland