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The Top 3 Benefits of a Salt System

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More and more people are choosing salt water pool systems over traditional chlorine systems. And with so many amazing benefits, this comes as no surprise. A salt system uses an electric generator to automatically convert salt into chlorine in order to sanitize the water. Discover some of the top reasons why Cannon Pools and Spas customers are loving the salt water pool system below.

#1: The Water Feels Better
If you’ve ever swam in a pool, then you’re probably familiar with the side effects of chlorine. It can irritate your eyes and make your skin feel dry and itchy. It’s even been known to turn people’s hair green. On top of that, it can cause the colors in your bathing suit to fade. But these are things you don’t have to worry about with a salt system. Instead, the water feels soft and silky and doesn’t come with all those unpleasant side effects.

#2: Pool Maintenance Is Easier
The salt chlorine generator essentially runs on autopilot, which means there’s less work for you to do every season. It creates the correct amount of chlorine to meet demand and features simple push-button controls. Just press a button to shock the water. The digital display will let you know how many pounds of salt need to be added and when, and tell you the water temperature, water flow and diagnostics.

#3: You’ll Save Money, Time and Energy
You’ll never have to buy chlorine again or fuss with tablets on a daily basis. In fact, pool owners who use the salt water system can actually reduce their seasonal chemical expenses by 80%. And since the salt chlorine generator is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, you can feel good about its small footprint.

Convert Today
Ready to convert to a salt water system? Just get in touch with the team at Cannon Pools and Spas, and we’ll help you get everything you need. You can switch no matter what kind of pool or equipment you have. And if you’re installing a new swimming pool, you can use a salt chlorine generator right from the start. While it may cost more upfront, the long-term savings, convenience and comfort make the salt system well worth it for a lot of homeowners. Contact Cannon Pools and Spas to learn more.