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Two Things You Should Do in 2022 to Simplify Pool Care

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Modern tools for pool maintenance can mean a lot less work for pool owners who want to simplify maintenance, with many options available at all Cannon Pools locations in Central New York.

From entertaining and staycations to everyday exercise, owning a swimming pool offers many benefits. Enjoying them, however, requires regular maintenance. Without the proper care, your pool will be less inviting and may not remain usable as long as expected. Fortunately, Cannon Pools and Spas can help you keep your pool clean and clear with minimal effort. To streamline your pool care routine in 2022, try two easy tips.

Replace your Sanitization System

Traditionally, residential pools are sanitized by germ-killing chemicals. Chlorine systems are among the most affordable and readily available sanitization systems. As long as you regularly and consistently add new chlorine tabs, the method is reliable. At the same time, the ongoing cost and constant effort can be a hassle. If you neglect adding tabs, your pool can turn green with algae in almost no time.

Replacing your sanitization system can go a long way toward simplifying pool care. Autopilot Saltwater systems and Oxygen Pools ozone systems are both relatively hands-off in comparison to chlorine tabs. With lower maintenance needs and no constant stream of chemicals, you can almost set and forget your system. Sanitization upgrades offer many benefits in addition to ease of use, including:

  • Improved health: Both saltwater and ozone systems allow a much lower chemical content, avoiding dry skin, red eyes, allergies, and other chlorine-related issues.
  • Gentle on your swimming accessories: Less chlorine also means floats, towels, swimsuits, pool toys, and other accessories will last longer and require fewer replacements.
  • Pool longevity: Ozone systems especially are far less corrosive than chlorine, meaning that pool equipment and even the pool itself will have a longer expected lifetime.
  • Lower costs: Not only do sanitization upgrades avoid the hassle of keeping up with chlorine tabs, but they also reduce the money spent on large quantities of pool chemicals.

Invest in a Robotic Cleaner

Your sanitization system may kill bacteria and prevent algae blooms, but it’s not the only essential aspect of maintaining clear water. Keeping a clean, beautiful swimming pool also requires removing leaves, dirt, and other debris that may collect on its floor.

Fortunately, robotic cleaners can help eliminate the manual labor associated with keeping your inground or aboveground pool clean. Robotic cleaner technology has come a long way since it was first offered to home pool owners, making these devices both highly effective and affordable. While all robotic pool vacuums offer different features and benefits, they typically operate in the same way. The cleaner moves independently across the pool floor and climbs up the pool’s walls, even reaching high enough to scrub the waterline. They work on a variety of pool surfaces, including tile, plaster, pebble, and vinyl, and obstacles like ladders won’t impede operation. Cannon offers the Dolphin brand robotic pool cleaner for in and above ground pools.

Best of all, no complex installation is required. Users can simply plug in a robotic cleaner and watch it work within minutes. All you’ll need to do is empty the filter bag to remove the collected debris – it’s that easy.

Simplify Your Pool Care Routine

This summer, why not spend less time working on your pool and put the focus on fun? If you’re looking forward to sunny days for swimming, consider upgrading your sanitation system and investing in a robotic pool cleaner to take the hassle out of pool care. To learn more about available options, contact Cannon Pools and Spas or visit your nearest location in North Syracuse, Cortland, Oneida, Auburn, or Fulton. Our team will help you find the right products to make caring for your swimming pool nearly effortless.